Womb Transplant – A New Hope

Posted on December 11, 2015 with 0 comments

These days all news channels are abuzz with the latest developments in the field of uterine transplantation. It has taken a very long period of nearly a century in this field to reach a plausible consequence of a live birth from a transplanted uterus. The research work started in 1918 with multiple setbacks and roadblocks on the path. With the successful advent of IVF in 1978, there came a pregnant pause in this field, but perseverance pays they say!!As clinicians, if asked about womb transplant a few years back, it used to feel like some distant dream, but all thanks to the persistent efforts of scientists, first breakthrough has come through!!

October 2014 has heralded a new era of one more possibility for infertile couples having uterine factor infertility. As an infertility specialist, I personally feel uterine factor infertility is one of the hardest to deal with, as nothing much can be done to correct it, other than repeated attempts at hysteroscopy and at last surrogacy!!. Surrogacy, itself is a big emotional leap for the patient, mostly not a very welcome thought at the outset. So, I hope this marks a turning point in the treatment strategy of patients who are congenitally born sans uterus or have uterine factor infertility.

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