A Step-by-Step Guide into the IVF Process/Cycle at our Fertility Clinic Jalandhar

The IVF Cycle: It is the first round of the IVF treatment that begins on the day one of your periods. The medication or the injections can be started prior to day one of the cycles.

Step 1: First day of your period
Day one of your period is the day your first IVF treatment begins officially. Aarti Fertility and Gynae center, is the best IVF center in Jalandhar, understands that every person’ body is different. The fertility nurse at our IVF clinic in Jalandhar will guide you to know how day 1 can be identified.

Step 2: Stimulate the ovaries
This phase begins on the first day. In order to increase the production of eggs, medication will have to be taken by you for 8-14 days. The specialist at our IVF center in Jalandhar will prescribe the required medication as well as the treatment plan. This is mostly by way of injections which can vary. The fertility nurse at our fertility clinic in Jalandhar will guide you and your partner in this process and very soon you will be at ease.
The most common hormones that are used to stimulate the follicles are:
● follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)
● luteinizing hormone (LH).
IVF Smart Science
These hormones are naturally created in the body. As the eggs are already available; this medication just helps in increasing the number of eggs to develop. At our IVF Center in Jalandhar, we constantly monitor your ovaries, development of follicles via blood test or ultrasound (transvaginal and normal), etc. Our team of experts at our fertility clinic at Jalandhar will ensure you feel comfortable during the process. Towards the end of this phase, the “Trigger injection” will be administered, which readies the eggs for ovulation. All the necessary details will be provided to you by the fertility nurse at our IVF center in Jalandhar.

Step 3: Retrieval of the Egg
Egg retrieval: This is a process which is done at the hospital, where the eggs will be collected from the ovaries. The anesthetist at our IVF Center Jalandhar will prepare you for a general anesthetic. While you are asleep, the process would take around 20-30 minutes. By way of ultrasound technology, the fertility specialist will have an idea regarding the number of eggs available before retrieving it. Ideally, on average, the number of eggs to be collected is around 8-15. It would take you about half an hour to recover and you would need support to get back home.

Step 4: The sperm selection
If the couple intends to use fresh sperm, the male will have to produce a sample on the morning of the egg retrieval process. If you opt for frozen/donor sperm, the scientists at our fertility clinic Jalandhar will keep it ready at the lab. The sperm is washed in a specific solution so that it slows down and the scientist can identify the best sperm under a microscopic lens. Once the best one is chosen, it is kept in the lab for the next step.

Step 5: Fertilization Process
The fertility specialist at our IVF center Jalandhar provides the eggs retrieved to the scientist. Powerful microscopes are used to locate the eggs so as to remove them. The process of fertilization must be quick. The eggs and the sperm, are both kept in a dish, where they have to find each other and fertilize naturally.

Step 6: Development of the Embryo
If the fertilization takes place, an embryo is formed. The scientists at our fertility clinic Jalandhar place the embryo in an incubator which offers the best conditions for its growth and development.
The embryos are under watch for over 5-6 days. The embryos must be implanted into the uterus at the blastocyst stage to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. The progress regarding your egg, sperm as well development of embryo will be constantly be provided to you.

Stage 7: Transfer of the Embryo
Once the embryo develops, it will be ready to be implanted into your uterus. The fertility nurse at our IVF clinic Jalandhar will get in touch with you to get you prepared. The process is similar to a pap smear and requires about 5 minutes and no anesthetic. Once the process is done, you can continue with your normal activities.

Step 8: The blood test
Two weeks post the embryo implant, a blood test will have to be done to check the levels of the hormone HCG. If this hormone is in your bloodstream, then the pregnancy test is positive. The nurse will keep you updated as to when you would be required to get this test done at our IVF center in Jalandhar.