Fertility options for patients over 40years of age

Posted on December 11, 2015 with 0 comments

With delivery of a 46 yrs old patient at a Florida fertility clinic (has since become world’s oldest IVF patient to have a baby with her own eggs) , a whole new world of fertility related inquiries have opened up!

Now what are our options!!

Latest HFEA figures show that carry home baby rate {per cycle} for women with age more than 40 {IVF with own eggs} is only 13%(a much much smaller figure in comparison to the rising trend seen in positive IVF results with recent developments in the technology.

It has been widely known that the rate of chromosomal abnormalities like aneuploidies in eggs and resulting embryos increase in patients more than 35 years of age, leading to more chances of pregnancy losses and abnormal fetuses.

Also there is added burden of increased medical problems for these patients in pregnancy in view of general health related issues like hypertension, diabetes etc, at this age, so ,it’s usually not a cake walk!!

It is always a wiser & practical decision to proceed with donor egg IVF program {in my opinion!!},without getting emotional about it!!

There will be a brighter chance that you might carry home a baby!!!!

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