Stress May Be Causing Your Infertility

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Stress is one of the most commonly used words in our day today life, although one of the most poorly understood one.

Whether stress is the cause for infertility or infertility causes stress, is a debatable issue. Whether stress reduction can improve pregnancy rates, is still under research.

Psychological research and reproductive science has shown to an extent that psychological factors have little role to play in causing infertility. Although, it is well known that, stress sometimes causes complete cessation of menstrual cycle or irregular cycles due to anovulation and prolactin elevation. In addition to these changes, stress can also reduce libido and hence a decrease in frequency of intercourse, hence poor fertility.

Infertility and stress are mutually progressive, i.e being infertile and coping with infertility causes stress to the couple, which in turn reduces fertility creating a vicious self sustaining loop.

Few myths commonly perpetuated by the folklores, friends and relatives too, over emphasize the role of stress like people conceiving while on holiday, or couples conceiving after adopting a child. Many successful IVF couples too promote it by attributing success to their relaxed and optimistic approach.

So when is infertility stressful?

  1. Timing sex when trying at home
  2. Waiting for the menses, suspense can be killing at times
  3. Facing the insensitive insinuations and questions of friends and relatives
  4. Juggling work and treatment
  5. Decision making during the treatment
  6. Going through treatment cycle
  7. Waiting for results

How to cope up with stress?

One should remember one thing that no single method is uniformly successful; a combination of approaches is more effective. Also, what may work for one person might not work for someone else.

One should try and divert the mind’s focus. Keep yourself busy by reading some good inspirational books and learning to accept the situation as it is {as worrying about it isn’t going to make any difference}.

Try and be more conversant with each other and facing the situation together as a couple. Acknowledge the fact that infertility does put a lot of stress on the marriage so much so, some marriages break due to the pressure. So, maturity in dealing with the crisis helps you grow closer to each other.

You can plan to attend some support groups meetings as, talking to people in the same situation can work wonders for you.

Logging on to various blogposts frequented by various similarly inflicted people sometimes really expedites the healing process.

You can join various meditation classes, positive thinking sessions, deep breathing exercises.

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