Our Lab

Aarti Fertility & Gynae Centre, the best IVF centre in Punjab is furnished with state-of-art laboratories and facilities, making it one of its kind in North India. We offer a diverse variety of services that one would not expect at a regular IVF clinic, credited to the high quality labs and our dedicated and highly trained personnel.

 About Our Laboratory

At Aarti Fertility & Gynae Centre, we provide you with the latest technology and techniques to increase your probability of getting pregnant. Not only do we have the technology, but we also have the expertise which makes us the best IVF centre in Jalandhar. Our embryology team has decades of experience in all aspects of IVF and embryology. Our centre’s pregnancy success rates compare favorably to those achieved by leading IVF clinics worldwide.

 Certified Clean Room

A certified clean room is one where the level of contamination which is specified by the number of particles per cubic meter, is maintained to a particular degree to prevent the excessive contamination, making infertility treatment in Punjab possible, with high success rates. An ISO 9001 clean room allows only 12 particles per cubic meter of 0.3 micron. As it’s a well known fact that embryos are microscopic and their growth is significantly affected by the dust and impurities in the air. Keeping this in view, we have installed good number of HEPA filters in our lab, which has allowed us to get clean room certificate. All this has made infertility treatment in Punjab possible at a meager cost.


Entitled as the best IVF centre in Punjab, here in Aarti Fertility & Gynae Centre CO2 incubators and triple gas incubators are used to culture embryos. All the gametes are handled under the laminar flow hoods.

Intracytoplasmic injection or ICSI is done for the patients who have grossly reduced sperm count, or high number of abnormally shaped sperms. Here after removing the outer covering of the egg, best quality sperm is directly injected into the egg under a high-powered microscope, in turn giving you the best facilities in low cost of IVF in India.

Laser Assisted Hatching

In this procedure, the embryologist uses a fine laser beam to drill a hole in the outer shell of the embryo. Traditionally, this procedure is done using a micromanipulation system and acid. Being the best IVF centre in Jalandhar, rather the best IVF centre in Punjab, at Aarti fertility & Gynae centre, we use a laser beam which is much more precise and causes much less damage to the embryos. Laser assisted hatching is used in patients where the embryo shell is thought to be tougher or in unexplained infertility.

IVF Security

Our embryo conservation techniques make us the best in the region. Embryo and sperm samples are double checked and labeled prior to storage in cryocans that are regularly topped up with liquid nitrogen. Samples are then checked by the embryologist, IVF physician and nurse-in-charge, prior to embryo transfer or use during ICSI.